it's Flexible

“The first is this, that human beings are naturally different and diverse.” Sir Ken Robinson. Juun has been crafted to let you plan and share your ideas in your own way.

it's Fast

You think. OMG it’s already on Juun! You can create and assign tasks in the blink of an eye. Planning has never been so easy. Drag, Drop, Drop, Drag, …You get it.

it's Fun

Colors, Shapes, Animations, ... Woohoo! Every projects have their unique identity and it extends the experience everywhere you go. You’ll love it!

Plan as you think

In a single timeline you can view and edit your projects’ important steps and milestones. It will help your team understand the global picture before they dig in into their daily tasks. This is our way to connect the people who plan and the people who do so they can all think together.

Task Management System

Centralise your tasks, notes and comments in a simple interface where all your teams can access and collaborate. You can manage your lists the way you want and for all sorts of ideas, bugs lists, designs, ... View your tasks by projects, by weeks or focus only on what you have to do today.

for You & all your Teams

Juun will work no matter if you are 1 or a 1000 persons. It will grow with your projects and will remain flexible, fast and fun to use. Bring your whole team in the game to keep track and work together. And guess what, it’s free for you and your best teammate.

Wait, there's more

Unlimited projects

You will never be limited on the amount of projects you are working on. Create as much as you want. You’re the artist we don’t want to spoil that.

Project identity

To facilitate the communication, every project has its own identity to help you visualise it. You used to communicate with names, now you will also have shapes and colours.

Safe & Private !

Juun is safe and all your data is encrypted to ensure that your projects are shared only with the persons you decided to.

Discuss & Keep track

Discussions is one the core aspect of Juun. You can discuss any element you create and soon you’ll be able to share files. It’s better than emails, you’ll see.

Reports (soon)

It’s easy in Juun to view your tasks and planning, but we get that some people prefer working the old fashioned way. You’ll be able to print beautiful and comprehensive reports.

Integrations (soon)

Juun has been built to be able to connect easily with your favourite platforms. We are making one of our goals to facilitate the integration with your best apps.

Fly, run, it's your time !